About this site

For a long time, Cities: Skylines sat unplayed in my Steam library. One day, scrolling down my list for something new to play, I thought it might scratch an itch. Almost immediately, I loved it. It’s aesthetics, little details, accessibility and the feeling of satisfaction it gives you when you figure something out.

I love learning about a game’s systems, and the ones in Cities are deep enough to be enjoyable to work with, but not so complex it can’t still be a fun and relaxing game. It’s also just enough of a sandbox: if I want to leave my city to just get on with it while I spend hours fiddling about with the perfect placement for everything in my new nature reserve, that’s fine.

As I was getting to grips with the game (and I’m absolutely no expert), I was constantly searching for information on things I didn’t get, and experimenting to understand what was happening underneath. On this site, I’m basically answering all my own questions. I hope you find it useful.

Mostly, I’m talking about the vanilla, unmodded game, so the articles should apply across PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Switch and Linux versions. I do use a few assets as re-skins of some vehicles like DB ICE trains, Airbus and Boeing planes but they don’t change functionality. I do have all the expansions though, so you might see UI variations depending on your version of the game.

If you enjoy this site and end up buying any of the Cities: Skylines DLC and would like to support this site, it would be amazing if you used my affiliate links. They help me keep writing! Finds them in the sidebar.

Thanks so much! And happy building.